CONNECT with other executives to explore diversity


SUPPORT research and development initiatives and projects


INSPIRE growth and educational efforts around the globe

To measure the success of our societies, we should examine how well those with different abilities are integrated as full and valued members.
— Ban Ki-Moon, 8th Secretary of the United Nations

What impact can I have?

For neurodiverse individuals

  • Share lived experience to bolster positive social change

  • Learn employability skills

  • Promote neurodiverse advocacy

  • Be seen and valued for your neurodiversity

  • Access beneficial resources

  • Connect with employers, researchers and the community

For corporations

  • Join the Autism @ Work Committee

  • Share neurodiverse practices, pitfalls and pivot points

  • Learn how to design for diversity and retain quality staff

  • Promote neurodiversity at work

  • Sponsor summits or projects, gain exposure and connections

  • Liaise with other executives and leading corporations in the field

Get Involved

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